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Located in the Jalan Besar area, Peranakan Khek is a purveyor of traditional, handmade Peranakan kueh helmed by chef-owner Sharon Low.

When was the last time you had handmade Nyonya kueh produced using the best ingredients? Meaning freshly-squeezed coconut milk (santan), with its incomparable lightness and sweetness, and pure palm sugar (gula melaka), deep and complex in flavour.

A lucky few still enjoy kueh made by grandparents or relatives, but making kueh this way has fallen out of favour because of the laborious process. Peranakan Khek is determined to revive the taste of handmade Nyonya kueh. In order to do this successfully, we have a tight but well-curated menu to showcase the way kueh should be: simple and well-balanced, while highlighting the humble ingredients of the region.

more about the chef and the origins of the name

While honing her skills in pastry kitchens and moonlighting as a traditional snack enthusiast, Sharon discovered that the secret to Peranakan kueh is simple: balance. Balance between rich and light, softness and bite. This balance can only be achieved by good technique and quality ingredients. Having a chef at the helm of the company means that priority will always be given to the product. With a back-to-basics approach, recipes are deliberately kept traditional and ingredients are allowed to shine.

Nyonya kueh is quickly losing ground to big companies, hence Peranakan Khek is found, a small business with a big mission: to breathe life back into traditional sweets done right. ‘Khek’ (pronounced ‘cake’), the Hokkien term for Hakka, Sharon’s dialect group, also fittingly means ‘guest’. Peranakan Khek is thus born in the spirit of sharing, heritage, family and community.

Traditional Southeast Asian sweets are usually inspired by the same humble ingredients: coconut, palm sugar, pandan leaf, tapioca, banana, glutinous rice, etc. What differentiates one kueh from another is attention to detail. At Peranakan Khek, we are committed to every detail. From ingredients and technique, to service and experience. Our customer is after all, our guest (客).



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Wed-Sat 11am–6pm
Sun & PH 11am–5pm
Closed on Mon & Tue

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We're a take-away shop with a limited selection for retail sale. Our business is very much focused on pre-orders, so please place an order 2-3 days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Seasonal Products

This special selection is available for a limited time only.


Roasted Peanut Cookies

These delectable, crumbly cookies are made with freshly roasted peanuts and 100% pure butter to produce a fragrant little morsel full of nutty flavour. Each individual cookie is hand-portioned, glossed with egg and topped with white sesame seeds for added crunch and flavour. Completely hand-made without preservatives and best consumed within 10 days of collection.

$16 / small tub (approx. 700g, 82 pc)

$28 / large tub (approx. 300g, 39 pc)


Cranberry Coconut Cookies

The fruity sweetness of cranberries is combined with the ambrosial crunch of desiccated coconut to create a crunchy and buttery cookie for you and your guests to enjoy this festive season. Completely hand-made without preservatives and best consumed within 10 days of collection

$18 / small tub (approx. 260g, 37 pc)

$30 / large tub (approx. 550g, 75 pc)


Ong Lai Tarts

A staple for Chinese New Year, our pineapple tarts feature a special pineapple jam recipe made in-house. Three (three!) different kinds of pineapples are combined with a splash of passion fruit for a well-balanced jam that is low in sugar. Our soft, melt-in-your-mouth pastry is made with 100% pure butter and vanilla bean. Completely hand-made without preservatives and best consumed within 10 days of collection.

$26 / small tub (approx. 350g / 17 pieces)

$52 / large tub (approx. 750g / 35 pieces)

How to order

We  make a very limited quantity/variety for retail sale, so if you want something specific, please make an order 3 days in advance by filling out the order form below. No minimum! Once you've submitted an order, hang tight and we'll get back to you within a couple of hours. If you don't hear back from us, there's a small chance our response landed in your junk mail, so please check!

Fill in the order form below OR for any other enquiries,

contact us at 6443 1213 (only during retail hours) / hello@peranakankhek.com

terms and conditions

  1. Kueh must be kept in room temperature (in a relatively cool environment, not in a stationary car) and eaten within the day of purchase.
  2. Cakes can be kept refrigerated for 2 days.
  3. Minimum 2-3 days' advance notice required for all orders. Longer notice period required for larger orders.
  4. The Management reserves the right to reject orders if production capacity has been reached.
  5. We do not provide delivery.
  6. Uncollected goods will be disposed of at the end of the day and no refunds will be issued.
  7. Additional box charges apply.

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